Where to put your smoke detector for compliance

So where is your Smoke Detectors located in your Rental Property?

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  1. Don’t Fail a rental property inspection in Detroit because your smoke detectors aren’t in the right locations.

    Here’s what the Detroit Property Maintenance Code States

    “Sec. 9-1-311. – Smoke detectors.
    All existing one- and two-family dwellings not already provided with single-station smoke alarms shall be provided with approved single-station smoke alarms.
    Approved single-station smoke alarms shall be installed within, or immediately outside of, sleeping areas on each level of existing rental dwelling units.
    In existing one- and two-family dwellings, single-station smoke alarms shall be battery operated or shall receive their primary power from the building wiring, provided, that such wiring is served from a commercial source and, in the case of an interruption in the primary power, a battery backup is provided. When power is provided by the building wiring, the wiring shall be permanent and without a disconnecting switch other than those required for overcurrent protection.
    (Ord. No. 18-03, ยง 1, 7-9-03)”

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